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    Storage Q and A

    Q: Is there any lighting facilities, air-conditioning or electricity supply inside the container?
    Sorry, there is no setting inside the container. But there is lighting in the site area.

    Q: Is it possbile to live inside?
    No, sorry.

    Q: Could large vehicle enter the warehouse?
    Yes, the site is covered in concrete floor, a 40-feet container trucks can also enter

    Q: How many floors of container do you have?
    All containers are set on the ground.

    Q: Any entrance fees?
    Access to Warehouse: Monday-Sunday 08:00 – 20:00, if you wish to come after hours please call 2744 8188 for advance notice, no fare is needed.

    Q: one month deposit plus one month prepaid is all I have to pay for first time?
    2 months deposit are required to pay for each container, deposit will be returned to client when tenancy is terminated. If rental period is less than a month, rent will be charged on monthly rate, and the deposit will be refunded after deduction of the rent.

    Q: Any time limit of the tenancy?
    No restriction.

    Q: Flooding?
    Please be assured, flooding will not occur.

    Q: How to load or unload the goods?
    You can drive to the front of the container and transport your goods.

    Q: How do I pay the deposit?
    Payment Method: Cash / Cheque / Bank Transfer
    Cheque Payable to: Whitehead Management Limited
    Bank Name: Bank of China (Hong Kong) | Account Number: 012-688-1-019437-4
    Bank Name: Nanyang Commercial Bank | Account Number: 043-495-1-042289-1
    If you choose to pay by bank transfer, please email/fax(2782 6566)/Whatsapp(9722 6335) the deposit slip to us

    Q: Any porter?
    Sorry, you should arrange transportation by your own members. Forklift truck is available for hire and hand pallet truck is free to use.

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